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Beauté De Cell Advanced Calming Pad for Breast

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Beauté De Cell Advanced Calming Pad for Breast

This functional breast patch is designed for improving the unsupple, rough-textured skin around breast from a change in female hormones and a sudden weight gain due to pregnancy and such and the optimal ingredients of cell culture “Defined Cell Culture Media” helps the imbalanced inner side of the skin regenerate and highly moisturising natural oils keep the skin moisturised. Natural fat-multiplicative ingredient Anemarrhena Asphdeloides Root Extract makes the skin around the breast resilient and plump. This premium patch closely and evenly adhering to the curved skin delivers active ingredients thoroughly and effectively.



Improvement of resilience and plumpness

Moisturising care

Stretch marks care


How to use:

  1. Raise your body temperature a little bit by having a shower with warm water
  2. Open the pouch and remove the support material from both sides of the pad
  3. Attach the pad on your breasts carefully and closely
  4. Remove the pad after around 20-40 minutes and let the remaining content of the pad absorb into the skin in gentle patting motions


8 x 42 ml


Beauté De Cell