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Inspired by nature, refined by science…

Skin Boosting Science

Utilising the latest stem cell research, we’ve pioneered a new breed of cosmetic: a powerful skin cell culturing system that’s engineered to not just rejuvenate ageing cells, but to regenerate them too. It’s known as “Defined Cell Culture Media.”

 Along with 43 different age-defying amino acids and vitamins, our formulations are clinically proven to regenerate your skin – from the inside out.

 Our products penetrate the skin deeply; delivering our groundbreaking formula along with the 43 types of rich skin – growing factors specifically selected for their age-defying properties.

 The results? Skin that looks and feels stronger, firmer and brighter, too … with results in just 28 days.

Skin refreshment and regeneration

Nothing is quite as soft or fresh as a baby’s skin. But, the passage of time can take its toll.

The first signs, fine lines, usually appear around the age of 25. Over time, as the skin loses volume and elasticity, these develop into wrinkles.

Our age-defying products target the first signs of damage – at cell level – providing the nutrients and environment your skin needs to rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells.

Older woman with good skin

Boost your skin's firmness and elasticity with Science to Skin


With visible results in just 4 weeks.

A total anti-ageing solution, JuneCell’s core ingredient, Defined Cell Culture Media, drives growth – at cellular level – to give you skin that feels and looks younger, brighter and firmer in less than a month. 

Designed for mature skin 40+, JunéCell:

  • Efficiently delays the signs of ageing
  • Lifts, brightens and tightens
  • Minimises appearance of liver spots
  • Intensively hydrates the skin

Key ingredients: Defined Cell Culture Media

Active ingredients: Peptide


Recover your inner resilience with Science to Skin

Beauté de cell

For skin that is healthy and fresh.

Long hours, stress and tiredness can take their toll on your skin – even in your 20s or 30s. Beaute de Cell targets your deteriorated skin cells: replenishing your skin and restoring its inner resilience. 

Developed for younger skin, Beauté de Cell:

  • Boosts skin’s firmness
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Brightens the skin
  • Intensively hydrates the skin

Key ingredients: Defined Cell Culture Media

Active ingredients: Calming Complex & Ceramide

Young woman with radiant skin
man using Beaute-de-Cell-Homme

Target damaged cells with Science to Skin

Beauté de Cell HOMME

For skin that looks as young as you feel.

Late nights, UV damage and burning the candle at both ends is no recipe for youthful skin. Beaute de Cell Homme specifically developed for men to regenerate and revitalise your skin – from the inside out.

Formulated to combat the signs of ageing in male skin, Beauté de Cell Homme:

  • Reduces the signs of aging
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Lifts and brightens the skin
  • Intensively hydrates cells

Key ingredients: Defined Cell Culture Media

Active ingredients: Sebum Control Complex


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